Urban Air Mobility

Consulting Service

We are the most specialist developing the UAM partnerships in Korea with foreign UAM companies among the regulators, manufacturers, operators, infrastructure providers and investors.
KPMG research has turned up about 70 large cities around the world where the conditions will be in place for UAM service to take root and flourish. They indicated that many of the best markets will be in Asia’s megacities – Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, etc.

By 2050, UAM could fully emerge in ~70 large cities globally

Top cities for UAM to emerge by 2050


We are already engaged with Korean government, local government, big companies, manufacturers and real estate developers in the following consulting services ;


  • Drone Taxi Demo Flight
  • Investments to North American and European UAM companies
  • UAM Service Development such as Air Shuttle, Air Tour, eVertiport, Air Ambulance, etc

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