Setting up a suitable UAM infrastructure is a major challenge for any city. Due to its nature of picking up passengers or dropping them off in closely congested city districts, “vertiports” must be integrated into an existing city infrastructure and architecture, ensuring a fast but also secure boarding and deboarding.

UAM infrastructure needs to be aligned to the selected aerial vehicles for the service.
We are developing eVertiport projects with Skyports in Korea which is a world class eVertiport developer and operator located in London.

3 Categories of “VERTIPLACES”


  • Small airports for eVTOLs
  • Biggest UAM ground infrastructure
  • Pickup & Drop-Off site
  • Charging Facilities
  • Central site for eVTOLs flying in a specific geographic area
    -MRO Operations
    -Parking spaces for longer-haul eVTOLS
    -Centralized Citywide Operations Control System


  • Placed in heart of city
    -Central business districts, Shopping centers, other Transportation (trains & subways)
  • Cargo & passenger on-boarding and off-boarding & takeoffs and landings
  • Equipped with:
    -Fast-charging / Refueling system
    -Basic Security Checkpoints
    -Capacity to carry out minor MROoperations
  • Amenities:
    -Customer waiting lounges
    -Ground staff to coordinate boarding
    -Systems for fire safety, access control, surveillance


  • Smallest element of vertiplaces
    -One or two landing plans
    -Built relatively easily, using helipads in use
  • No charging or parking points
  • Basic customer service
    -Weather monitoring systems
    -Waiting areas
    -Security checkpoints
    -Help desks
  • Low Installation Cost⇒ Extend reach to suburban areas

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