Hydrogen-powered aircraft

We Accelerate the World’s Transition to Sustainable Aviation with ZeroAvia.
ZeroAvia enables zero emission air travel at scale, starting with 500 mile short-haul trips, at half of today’s cost. Zero avia’s novel zero-emission hydrogen powertrain has 75% lower fuel and maintenance costs, resulting in up to 50% total trip cost reduction.

Why H2: Cost Savings vs. Jet AND Battery

A hydrogen-electric powertrain has 60% lower powertrain operating costs compared to turbines; 30% lower than battery-electric (while providing 4x the range)

Flight: assumed 300nm eg SFO-LAX; Do 228 plane, Turboprop engine: PTE331, Battery electric: estimates for e.g. Eviation Alice; all numbers are per engine; cost of fuel includes CAPEX of refueling equipment

We deliver 300–500 mile zero emission missions in a 10–20 seat fixed wing aircraft to utilize existing infrastructure and simplify regulatory issues.

Our Technology Roadmap

We plan to offer customers the hydrogen powertrain as a zero-emission option for existing new airframes. The powertrain will drop into the airframe and require some minor modifications, such as the addition of hydrogen fuel tanks above the wings.

Customers will pay for the powertrain and the fuel – which will supply – through a leasing model called “power by the hour,” in which the customer pays a set fee per hour of operation. This gives the customers a fixed cost without the worry of unstable hydrogen prices. At commercial launch, the hydrogen fuel will be supplied by existing hydrogen suppliers. We plan to produce renewable hydrogen onsite at airports at electrolysis stations that will be powered with solar or wind power located at or near the airport.


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